J. Konrad Schmidt

Fotograf & BFF-Vorstand

J. Konrad Schmidt

Fotograf & BFF-Vorstand
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Konrad was born in the year, George Orwell wrote a book about and Steve Jobs presented the “Macintosh”. He grew up in an architect family in Germany. After school he moved  and took the chance to tie together the big loves of his life: human faces, aesthetic perfection and a great photo.

He finished photography studies with excellent examination and ever since works as independant photographer based in Berlin.

Konrad works and lives as a “citizen of everywhere” between countless places all over the world.

J. Konrad Schmidt is considered the “entfant visible” of German photographers.

He began shooting artists from them electronic music scene like Carl Craig, DJ Koze, Westbam, Moby, and Laurent Garnier back in 2004.

Today his work is known to be a composition of timeless elegance and style, rough perfection and an incorruptible glance for women.

In his personal projects and books J. Konrad Schmidt often uses analog black&white film as his way to tell a story within pictures. Not only in the darkroom this passion is a calm search for soul within the moment of exposure. Up close and personal.

J. Konrad Schmidt’s private life is dominated by fine black tea and piano based music.

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